Kristine Marie

kristine marie | transformative tarot

Kristine’s readings are interactive. Together we will enter into a conversation, ignited by the cards that show up for your questions, and empowered with her (and your) intuition, insight and guidance about what they bring up for you; the past, present, and future. The more you are willing to go deeply into your own process and share what the images and archetypes elicit in you, the better the conversation and the results will be! Each reading is an opportunity for you to access your own information and align yourself with your truth on how to move forward in the best way for you.

Certified Master Intuitive, Kristine Marie, combines her training’s and experience in Intuition Medicine, Reiki, Acupressure, Steiner Education, Co-Counseling, Bars/Access Consciousness, and Star Flower & Gem Essences to assist you as you re-align with your higher Self, remember your authentic Truth, and re-awaken your beautiful Heart. She has great depth of passion, love, and curiosity for Mythology, Astrology, Storytelling, Human Development, Jungian Psychology, Dreamwork and World Travel, and with these, aims to provide insightful, powerfully transformative tarot readings.